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The smartest marketing you’ll ever do

Jux is an App that enables you to easily create and advertise your offers to your local customers, Build brand affinity, Acquire new customers, Drive more revenue, Exceed your marketing goals.
The Incredible


Advertise your offers Locally

Jux enables you to easily engage a customer base and to be able to make that customer base loyal to your brand, through advertising discounts and offers.

drive more sales

A smart, free and easy to use platform with the opportunity to market your business and engage with customers.

attract more customers

Jux is a service that helps you attract and retain loyal customers, by bringing customers and retailers together.

Why it's great



Understand your customers and sales better.

easy to use

Just use your mobile to simply create and manage your offers.

no setup fees

Jux doesn’t charge a set-up fee, but a low monthly fee.

fully secured

Access to your data is highly secure and uses the same complex security as your bank.

how Jux helps in growing business

Jux is designed to

Increase Customer Footfall

Drive customer footfall to your store, with Jux by advertising your latest offers.

Increase Customer Engagement

Jux increases customer engagement by showing nearby deals available.


Create Customised Offers and Discounts

Use the Jux business app to simply and quickly create and mange your single or multi-use offers.

Speedy Marketing

Exclusive local offers can be quickly marketed to attract your customers and build your business.

Analytics and Reports

Get insight into the usage of your offers to make more informed decisions in order to advertise the right things to that drive sales.

How it works

4 easy steps to setting up jux


Fill in our interest form  to see if Jux is  in your area


A member of our team will guide you on setting up Jux


Download the app and setup your offers


You are now ready to market your company via Jux

Why it's great

Features coming soon


Jux customers will be able to easily register with you, through 1 click of the app and then can view all their loyalty cards in Jux.

We offer a simple and quick way of converting customers to loyal customers, through Jux’s simple onboarding experience.


JUX payments do not use cards, but the new open banking payment method. This method can be much cheaper for you than accepting cards.
Why it's safe

We’re serious about security and
protecting you

We don’t sell your data.

Jux is committed to consumer privacy. We never have and we never will sell your data to businesses or third parties Period.

Jux is secure.

We use bank-level security (256-bit encryption) to ensure your information is safe and secure. We use Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Ready to boost your business.

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